Who Was I In My Past Life According to Your Memories?

Life as we know it is not our first step on Earth. We are immortal souls who meet and meet again throughout many lives, with pending bills and learning’s ahead.

Who Was I In My Past Life According to Your Memories?

As we die, we are reborn. By viewing life from this spiritual perspective, we have a better understanding of the ties that bind us to the people we love.

Sometimes they come in form of memories from the past that need to be healed, while other times they are experiences chosen by the soul for learning and evolving during this reincarnation.

Memories take a huge part in what we could’ve been in our past life. From getting triggered easily by a picture of a sinking ship, being afraid of cooking by the fire, or maybe having a series of DejaVus every time you go to the gym, all of this could lead to a very common question, who was I in my past life?

Taking into account your qualities and your way of behaving, who could you have been in a past life? Were you an honorable, dedicated, and strong warrior? Maybe you were a queen, loved by many and envied by a few. You could’ve been a great sailor or even the pope.

Answering a few questions about your early memories and feelings on several subjects, Fun Personality Quizzes will help you discover what type of person you were a few centuries ago and what traits you still preserve in your current personality up to this day.

If you’re still asking yourself something like “who was I in my past life?” then get comfortable, click the start button and take a look into your past¡