Which Classic Pokemon Are You?

Surely you will remember that first Pokemon you chose to start your adventure, spending hours and hours on your Game Boy playing with Ash Ketchum and his collection of creatures, which was increasing day by day.

Which Classic Pokemon Are You?

Being a trainer is not an easy task, but can you imagine being an actual Pokemon? Which Pokemon are you? Which element would define your powers? Which element would your little animal reflect on your personality?

If you’ve ever wondered which classic Pokemon resembles you the most, then Fun Personality Quizzes has all the legendary Pokémon quizzes answers that your enthusiast’s heart might need.

What can you do before catching them all?

If you have a fighting spirit, you love the popular anime, but still don’t know which “which Pokemon are you?” quizzes are the best choice for you, then give take a break from being the best pokemon trainer and take a look at the test our website has to offer!

By answering some simple and fun questions, you’ll be able to know if your personality fits best with a stubborn Charizard, a psychic and dangerous MewTwo, a cute but really powerful Pikachu, or maybe even a lazy and sleepy Snorlax.

One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter if you are an adorable starter or a seasoned death machine, the most important thing is having fun, answering truthfully, and finding out your spirit animal in Pokemon form.

From the fantasy of having one of these lovely creatures to imagining being one, don’t miss out on this opportunity to know which Pokemon are you, and press start!