What is my mental age?

Accumulating knowledge and skills that allow us most effectively or adaptively possible to the constant demands of the world in which we live is what we call memory.

What is my mental age?

Memory allows people to have a continuous and coherent view of their lives from the past to the present. However, as we age, our brain undergoes different changes that sometimes directly affect our memory.

Also, what we don’t use will waste away at some point, and in the case of memory, with good nutrition, physical and mental exercise, turning your inactive brain cells into active ones will be really easy, even in our golden years.

Age and memory are related in a very strong way. Did you ever wonder things like what is my mental age? If you have this quiz is just the right one for you.

Mental Age Quiz

By answering a series of questions that will put your memory to the test, we’ll be able to determine your mental age and how you can compare it to your actual age.

I mean, maybe you’re a 20-year-old with the memory span of an elephant. Or maybe you’re a fancy 60-year-old with the memory span of a dolphin. Either way, we’re excited to see your results!

Give a shot to this “what is my mental age?” quiz and start right away!