What's Your Wedding Style? - The best quiz

Like any little girl with a dream of a big and perfect wedding, defining a wedding theme is not the easiest job ever. With many different concepts and styles to choose from, picking the perfect one for your special day might be a bit difficult.

What's Your Wedding Style? - The best quiz

But don’t worry! We’ve summoned our inner Bryan Rafanelli and, on this opportunity, Fun Personality Quizzes brings you the best wedding style quiz you’ll ever find on the internet so that your wedding days are calm and stress-free.

How many styles can I get?

Wedding themes are mostly based on the bride’s personality and her personal preferences, but it goes beyond that as well.

A wedding style mixes everything that this special day might need preparing for, for example, the perfect location and décor, the ideal lighting and flowers, and even the colors and food.

By answering some questions on our wedding style quiz, the platform will choose the ideal option for you from more than 10 wedding style options.

Whether it might be a vintage-looking wedding, a romantic and soft tones one at the beach, or maybe a rustic wedding set on the woods with a little Nordic style, we’ll find the perfect theme for your perfect day!

So, if you want to start planning that June wedding at The Plaza but you’re not sure what styles to go for yet, press the start button and let us guide you.