What Grade Is Your Vocabulary?

Having a wide range in terms of vocabulary allows you to understand a manage many themes whole giving your brain more options to express itself. A wealth of words means that you’ll be able to write in a better way and be more fluent.

What Grade Is Your Vocabulary?

There are many words in a dictionary and people barely know 50% of them or even less, so with this entertaining vocabulary quiz we’d like to know just how good you are with words!

So, how many terms do you know? Are you good with definitions? Have you mastered the knowledge of synonyms, and antonyms? Do you think your vocabulary knowledge will make you pass this test? Let’s figure it out.

The Best Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary is essential to communicate, and with life in general. Because of this, students must know the meaning of various types of words and expressions, apart from the different meanings they may have.

Each individual uses several common words in their daily life, and the greater the number of words they use, the greater our ability to communicate!

This vocabulary quiz has three parts: definitions, synonyms and antonyms. So, if you think you can ace this test and get an A+ then don’t wait anymore!

Do your best, get your vocabulary skills out, and hit that start quiz button right away!