Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You?

Back in the days, there were no cellphones, videogames could only be played on big machines, and computers were practically exclusive aside for the occasional university nerd.

Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You?

Stranger Things has been one hell of a show since its premiere in 2016 because it made us remember what life was like during those good old '80s.

Immersed in a mysterious aura, full of inexplicable phenomena, conspiracies, and ghoulish experiments of a government that seems to have no scruples, there's a group of unpopular and passionate children of science, their families, and a peculiar police chief.

So, if you want to know which of these characters you are most like, then this Stranger Things quiz we have for you is just what you need!

Who`s your Stranger Thing`s doppelganger?

The adorable and funny Eleven, Dustin and Mike, the vigilante and paranoid Joyce and Jim, or even the ignorant Barb have been some of the characters that have connected with a whole generation of nostalgic people who have seen a reflection of their childhood in the series.

So, you must be excited to know if you’re like our great friend Dustin or maybe the popular and rebellious Eleven. Find out who you are most like among the characters with this Stranger Things quiz!

Don’t forget to hit that start quiz button, have fun and we really hope you’re not like Demogorgon.