Only 4% Of the Population Can Pass This Math Test!

There are always subjects at school and at college that can give us a big headache. It could be languages for some, history for others, but I think everyone can agree by heart that the worst of all in the student’s records is Maths.

Only 4% Of the Population Can Pass This Math Test!

Adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing is not a big mystery, but it gets more difficult when decimals, square roots, functions, algebra, constants, and equations with very high exponents appear. Those are big words, right?

However, as always, there are a small percentage of people that can solve our math test and ace it without a problem. Do you think you belong to this 4% of the population?

Will you be able to do it?

Do you think that you know everything about Maths? Are you capable of answering some questions and being on our top 4%? Do you believe no one will knock you down on anything that has to do with numbers?

Here on Fun Personality Quizzes, we’ll make you answer twenty questions in this math test and hope you can pass with an A.

So, put your glasses on, get ready to solve some functions, and press start!