What’s your love language? The best quiz

If you are familiar with who Gary Chapman is then you probably know a thing or two about love languages. Every person has their way of showing and expressing their way of loving and if you still haven’t recognized yours, we’ll help you out.

What’s your love language? The best quiz

Communication is key and love language is not an exception to its rules. Because of this, Fun Personality Quizzes has for you an entertaining love language quiz to figure out how to manage your emotions so that others can feel loved by you as well.

Why do I need to know what my love language is?

No matter how hard you try to express your love in English, if your significant other only understands Chinese, they will never understand how to love each other, and the same happens with love languages.

There are five love languages and people can express themselves through one of them or have multiple love languages. But what matters understands that not everyone can love and express their emotions the same way you do.

Your love language could be words of affirmation while your partners could be physical touch or receiving gifts, and recognizing this is what will help the relationship work.

Get comfy, get your partner and take our love language quiz together! Get to know each other on a deeper level and start enjoying all the love.