Which Of the Four Temperaments Fits Your Personality the Best?

Everybody is different from one another, and what we mean by this is that every person has a diverse and unique personality that separates their characteristic traits apart from each other.

Which Of the Four Temperaments Fits Your Personality the Best?

However, there’s a basic structure on which we build our personality and it’s that peculiarity that predominates in the way in which our humor and motivation are constituted. This structure is called temperament and according to Hippocrates, there are four types of them.

We’ve been grouped according to these human temperaments, in an attempt to highlight those innate characteristics of our way of being that we share with others, and if you still don’t know which one describes you best then this four temperaments test is just right for you.

What can I get on the Four Temperaments Test?

As we said, there are four types of temperaments which are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. These moods and the level at which we have them in the body determine our type of temperament.

So, according to the amounts of substances, we could know the behavior of people or the way they express their emotions. Seems pretty easy to figure out, right?

There’s a lot to know about these temperaments, and each one of them has its pros and cons. However, knowing which one fits you better might help you out with your emotional management and that’s a good enough reason to do this questionnaire.

But enough talking! Answer some simple questions on this four temperaments test and get a hold of your feelings. Just press start, be honest and, have some fun!