Only 5% Of Americans Can Pass This English Test!

Maybe you keep asking yourself why is it important to learn English if it’s your mother tongue? But the right question you should be asking yourself is why not learning more about it? Do you think you can be in the top 5% on our English test?

Only 5% Of Americans Can Pass This English Test!

English is by far known as one of the most important languages around the globe. It’s equallyessential for those who speak it as a first language or those who speak their mother language. Be it for business, to communicate and socialize with other cultures, or just for fun, this language is the key to success.

Will you master this English Test?

Like in any other language, grammar rules range from the most elementary level of combining sounds to the most complex level of extended conversation, and to be honest, speakers are not always aware of all these rules

Many believe they have a good chance to pass this English test just because it’s their mother tongue, but if it’s so easy for Americans then why only 5% of them can pull out an A?

So, there’s a big chance that, even if you think you have a good way with this language, maybe you should think about it again and challenge yourself to the test. Press start and find out how much you know!