What Emoji Best Describes Your Personality?

WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and every social media out there have something in common and that's emojis. They are pretty fun though, and it usually gives the conversation a much-needed touch of humor.

What Emoji Best Describes Your Personality?

Sad face, happy face, crying face, brown poop, and the always fun eggplant, we use emojis on a day-to-day basis and, to be honest, the ones you use the most can probably describe you perfectly.

So, what emoji do you think you are? With this fun emoji quiz we have in stores for you; you’ll get to know it right away.

The Best Emoji Quiz

If you want to find out which little emoticon describes your personality, all you have to do is answering a couple of questions and have fun while you’re at it.

We assure you this is the funniest emoji quiz and the results might give you an insight into the real you.

Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic, like the heart eyes emoji. You could that one really funny friend, like the rolling on the floor laughing emoji. Or maybe you’re a very sensitive person who is best paired up with the loudly crying emoji. The options are endless.

Therefore, click right on the start quiz box and have fun finding out more about your true emoji self.