Disney Movie Quiz

Most Disney movies are classics. This company has made a lot of movies, and every generation has been shaped by different stories. One of the best ones is The Lion King, the story of a small cub named Simba, who wants to make his father proud and it’s forced to abandon his home.

Disney Movie Quiz

Another excellent movie is Mulan. This production narrates the journey of the brave heroine Mulan. A woman who takes the place of her father to protect him. Also, Tarzan is a classic. The story of Tarzan is filled with incredible songs performed by the talented Phil Collins, and it follows a man who lives with apes.

If these movies are not your favorite ones, then you must like Alice in Wonderland. Maybe your favorite one is Hercules or even The Little Mermaid. All of these stories have something in common. They were made by the mouse company and they are very popular.

We can’t even begin to elaborate on how amazing the Disney movies are. Most of them have surprising soundtracks that people adore, and their characters are powerful. This is the reason why many people relate to these movies so much.

The characters are not perfect, and they have to struggle until they find the right path. This is a pattern that the company has followed throughout the years. Protagonists must face their fears to be able to save the day, and they need partners who can help them.

Productions like Frozen, Moana and Tangled talk about female power. These three movies are starring female characters, and this has inspired a lot of young girls, and we have to admit that the movies are really good.

Which era is your favorite? Do you prefer musicals or movies without any song whatsoever? Whatever your preferences are, today we have brought a quiz for you.

With this Disney movie quiz, we want to test your knowledge. There are fans who think they know everything but they fail on quizzes like this one. But we are certain that you are going to answer everything right.

Still, you are going to need to rewatch a few of the movies to be able to select the correct options. We included tricky questions to confuse you, but that is what’s fun about taking quizzes.

We are challenging you to answer correctly. However, there is nothing wrong with taking our quiz more than once. Take your time while answering. We don’t want you to rush and select the wrong option.

Are you ready to take this Disney movie quiz? Good luck and we will see your final results closely.